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005: Nutrition & Nourishment

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nutrition & Nourishment

Nutrition is the second of the seven core areas I introduced from the wheel of health.

Looking after your food needs is fundamental and supports all areas of your health.

In my course, Heal Your Food Story, I talk about the difference between NUTRITION and NOURISHMENT.

NOURISHMENT is holistic and includes many aspects of your food life including the overall culture of your eating style.

NUTRITION is one aspect of nourishment, and is concerned with the nutrient quality of your food choices.

For example, an apple may be a nutritional choice for you, but if you are cold, craving something soft, and feeling homesick, soup or oatmeal might be more nourishing.

As an Intuitive Eating Coach, I approach food from this holistic nourishing perspective.

The Intuitive Eating perspective includes honoring your hunger and fullness, making peace with foods you love, respecting your body, and moving your entire food culture in the direction of self-care.

One aspect of this self-care includes a very practical, organizational element. Ask yourself...

Do I have a menu plan for the week?

Do I have food in the house to carry out this plan?

Do I take the time to prepare things that nourish my mind body and spirit?

Do I need to be more intentional or flexible in my food life?

In a culturescape that promotes weight loss, restriction, overindulgence, and more, there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information. In Intuitive Eating we call this the “food police”. The “food police” make it challenging to hear and listen to yourself about what would be right for yourself regarding your food needs. Ask yourself…

What would I like to eat?

What would be nourishing and nutritious?

How do I feel after eating this?

Your food life doesn’t need to be complex or like anyone else's. It does need to nourish you so you can move through your day with ease, so you can enjoy your eating experiences, and so you can feel confident about what’s right for you.


Resources used for this episode:

Intuitive Eating by E. Resch & E. Tribole



Yours In Health,

Jill Intuitive Eating

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