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Wellness Coaching

Wellness & Life Coaching

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Are you ready to take initiative with your health?

Wear something comfy, grab a water bottle, snack, and your favorite pen...we are going on a learning adventure to explore 7 key areas of your well-being through collaborative conversations designed to help you transform your health by identifying and aligning with your core values in either a solo or group sessions.

Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  


I'm a Wellness Coach with a bachelor's in Lifestyle Management and nearly a decade of experience coaching individuals in the area of health and wellness.



Jill Yeiter, BSc

Wellness Coach

Listen to "The Wheel of Health"


Solo or group sessions hosted by me.  See my bookings page for details.

Time committment

1-2 hours.


Taster session is free, then see my bookings page for details.


Calm, alert, elastic, centered, organized, energized, cozy, comfortable, strong, empowered!

Example Coaching Content

Session 1

Getting to Know You

Session 2

The Wheel of Health

Session 3

Rest, Movement, and Exercise

Session 4




Session 5

Personal and Professional Development

Session 6

Physical Environment 

Session 7

Relationships and Communication

Session 8


Session 9

Stress Management

Session 10

Putting It All Together



...Personally, Jill has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.

Larry, Clinical Psychologist