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013: Structure vs. Flexibility

Structure vs. Flexibility


In this episode, I discuss structure and flexibility and when one can be more helpful than the other.

In the last episode I shared how your personality can influence your preferences. One of these preferences may be how much structure vs. flexibility you generally prefer in your life.

When I think of structure, I think of planning, routine, to-do lists, schedules, calendars, decisiveness, organization, and systemization.

When I think of flexibility I think of going with the flow, flying by the seat of your pants, accommodating, being impulsive, and thinking on your feet.

Structure can be beneficial when you are trying to make specific improvements. Allocating time then giving your energy and focus leads to wanted change. For example, athletes follow a training schedule to optimize performance.

I find structure particularly helpful when I am feeling unsafe, ungrounded, powerless, burned out or anxious, but I need to be mindful of not using it as a way to control my feelings or other elements outside of my control.

Flexibility can be helpful in the early stages when you are experimenting and your idea or vision isn’t formed or clear enough yet to be heading in a specific direction that would be supported by structure.

I find flexibility particularly helpful when I am stuck, in a rut or downright bored, repeating the same structured patterns that are no longer serving the current situation. If I take a break from my preference for structure in these times, I can eventually return to structure that is fresh and satisfying.

Both structure and flexibility are important. You may have a preference for one over the other, but if you are truly savvy you will be able to switch between the two when one is more advantageous.

Remember there can be disconnect in both the structure of to-do lists when they are used to keep you busy and avoid your feelings and the flexibility of going with the flow when you are using it to avoid something that clearly needs your full attention.

Do you have a core belief about how much control you have over your experience?

Does this influence your preference for stucture or flexibility in your life?

Are you able to recognize when structure would be more helpful?

Are you able to recognize when flexibility would be more helpful?



Yours In Health,

Jill Intuitive Eating

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