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Wellness Coaching

Mindful Menu Planners

Are you ready to honor your hunger?

These menu planners will help you achieve this in an intentional but flexible way.

Watch 3 Minute Demo

Fill or Print


Four PDF files of reusable weekly menu planners you can print or fill online with charming hand drawn images

Time committment

Less than 5 minutes to download, then 10-15 minutes a week to use for planning


$0 or you can choose to make a donation to support my work.


Enjoying foods you love and feeling empowered because you invested time in caring for yourself

Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  I created this product for myself and it has become a staple in my life, setting the tone for good self-care in my food story on a weekly basis.  I hope you can benefit from it too.

Jill Yeiter, BSc

Movement & Wellness Educator

When we first talked about this, I was very resistant and reluctant to use menu planners. However, I've been far more mindful of my eating and I feel ready to use a planner and use planning to center myself and other things in my life. I love how something that wasn't right becomes right. It speaks to revisiting ideas over time.                        --Louise


Menu Planners by Jill Yeiter


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