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003: The Wheel of Health

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The Wheel of Health

We are whole beings and if we make a change to any part of us, it affects the whole system. Sometimes we label something as physical when it’s actually spiritual or we label something mental when it’s physical. We change a belief and it effects a feeling or we change a behaviour and it effects a belief. My point is that change can happen at any place in our personal landscape an it’s not always easy to identify where to place our focus in order to have the most impact, so it can be helpful to review the potential areas of impact.

Here are a few key areas for you to assess:

1. Movement, Exercise, and Rest

2. Nutrition

3. Professional and Personal Development

4. Physical Environment

5. Relationships and Communication

6. Spirituality

7. Stress Management

These ideas are from the "Wheel of Health" in the book, The Mindful Diet by Ruth Wolever, Beth Reardon, and Tania Hannon (not affiliated)


Yours In Health,

Jill Intuitive Eating

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