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Wellness Coaching

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About The Masterclass

Hi, I'm Jill.  I'm an Intuitive Eating Coach and I understand how painful it can be to exist in an adversarial relationship with yourself, especially in an area as fundamental as food.  So much time and energy are wasted when your food life is out of balance.   Your mental and emotional resources are depleted and you feel stuck.  It's my goal to help you reclaim this lost energy so you can live life with more clarity and ease.​

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Learn about the Intuitive Eating method I use to help others just like you feel better in their own skin.

Identify and become accountable for the painful patterns that may be keeping you stuck in this area of your life.

Clarify your own food story right now so you can begin from a place of genuine awareness to create lasting change.

Receive my free mindful menu planners when you register.


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