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Wellness Coaching

Group Coaching Programs

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Are you truly ready to take your health to the next level?

My group coaching programs are the best of both worlds, combining consistent and immersive group coaching with meaningful content to produce exceptional results. 


Currently, I offer two group programs, Intuitive Eating, and Wheel of Health.  Both are 90-day programs and open for enrollment a few times each year, so if you are interested, please submit a no-obligation application and I'll get back to you soon, or if space is still available simply book online.  


You can also learn more by visiting Intuitive Eating or Wellness & Life Coaching.

Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  


I'm a Wellness and Intuitive Eating Coach and personally facilitate these small group coaching sessions.





Group coaching combined with content in a group of ten or less, hosted on Google Meet.

Time committment

1 hour per week for 90 days


See bookings page for details.


Calm, alert, elastic, centered, organized, energized, cozy, comfortable, strong, empowered!

When I first met Jill I was impressed with her kindness and willingness to listen. She holds a wealth of information related to physical, mental and emotional health that is well thought out and readily incorporated into providing non-judgmental guidance. She is both analytical and personable, with a sense of humor that she utilizes well. Personally, she has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.

Larry, Clinical Psychologist

Jill's courses in Intuitive Eating provided a new and refreshing perspective to wellness, healthful eating, and mindfulness. She organized a supportive group and fostered trust within it. I benefited greatly from her professionalism and expertise. I have worked so hard to not have weight be my measure of feeling good about myself...all my rational thinking, about food and wellness and everything, are because of her help. As an educator of teachers, I also appreciated her natural teaching skills and the learning environments she created.                 

Louise, Teacher Education

It was fabulous working with Jill in both Intuitive Eating and Pilates.  I loved the context and direction in which she worked.  It felt like we started at the core (of spirit) and worked toward our outward layers.  Jill is the best.

K, Visual Arts Professor

  • When does the course begin?
    Shortly after you complete your purchase you will receive your first email.
  • When do I get the workbook, MP3s and menu planners?"
    The workbook and menu planners are available for download at the time of purchase. The MP3s will available to you later in the course, at which point you can download for free as well.
  • What is your refund policy for this course?
    All sales are final on this course, thanks.
  • Who is this course best suited for?
    Anyone insterested in returning their focus to a grounded state of self-care.
  • What outcome can I expect from this course?
    Increased awareness of the way you manage stess, look after your food needs, and perceive movement.


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