Hi.  I'm Jill.


I combine my passion for teaching with my expertise as a Movement & Wellness Coach to help you create clarity and ease in your wellness story.  


Below are a few ways I can help you right now.

Yours In Health,​

Jill Yeiter

What's Your Wellness Story?


Your wellness story is created by the many ways you attempt to connect with and care for yourself.  


Your relationship with food is one important part of your wellness story.


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is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the Intuitive Eating model.  You can read, listen and watch for a total sensory experience.

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are designed to get you thinking clearly about your relationship with food and to help you move with clarity and ease.

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...Personally, Jill has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.

Larry, Clinical Psychologist

"Be intentional but flexible."