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"I have known Jill as both a colleague and consumer for several years. When I first met Jill I was impressed with her kindness and willingness to listen. She holds a wealth of information related to physical, mental and emotional health that is well thought out and readily incorporated into providing non-judgmental guidance. She is both analytical and personable, with a sense of humor that she utilizes well. Personally, she has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions."

Larry, Clinical Psychologist

"Jill's courses in Intuitive Eating provided a new and refreshing perspective to wellness, healthful eating, and mindfulness. She organized a supportive group and fostered trust within it. I benefited greatly from her professionalism and expertise. I have worked so hard to not have weight be my measure of feeling good about myself...all my rational thinking, about food and wellness and everything, are because of her help. As an educator of teachers, I also appreciated her natural teaching skills and the learning environments she created."

Louise, Teacher Education Professor

"It was fabulous working with Jill in both Intuitive Eating and Pilates. I loved the context and direction in which she worked. It felt like we started at core (of spirit) and worked toward our outward layers. Jill is the best."

K, Visual Arts Professor

"Jill always inspired me with the way she worked with her mother. She showed compassion and kindness in helping her regain her strength and stamina during a difficult time with breast cancer."

Shannon, Wellness Colleague

"I was introduced to Pilates (or "Jillates", as she called it) by Jill Yeiter several years ago, and I have diligently taken bi-weekly classes ever since.  Now that I am in my mid-60s, the benefits of Pilates on my abdominal core strength, balance, and flexibility are even more important to sustaining my overall good health.  I don't deny the effects of gravity on my aging body, but I also want to acknowledge the comments I've received from others about the good shape I'm in ("for a woman my age" is the implied, but often unspoken part, of this compliment).  In large part, any positive comments I may hear are because Jill inspired me to realize that health and fitness are important and life-long goals.  Her example and encouragement continue to sustain me, even though we are miles - and many time zones - apart.​​​​"

Kathleen, Higher Education Retiree


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