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Wellness Coaching

Root Cause Therapy

What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root Cause Therapy (RCT) is a complementary approach to healing the underlying causes of trauma rather than simply trying to manage symptoms.  Remember, trauma is not the event, but rather the adaptation of the body to cope with undigested emotions and sensations.  When we are well, emotions are our compass, but when we have trauma, unprocessed feelings can lead to self-defeating beliefs and behaviors and even physical symptoms.  Combining conversation, muscle testing, visualization, and processing, RCT addresses both the conscious and unconscious emotions and beliefs causing symptoms.  When these root causes have been cleared, it's much easier to make lasting changes that positively impact well-being and the need for willpower and control becomes obsolete.

What can Root Cause Therapy help with?

Root Cause Therapy (RCT) can help with all kinds of trauma. In my practice, my primary point of focus is using it to help you clear underlying stuck stress so you can more effortlessly go on to make sustainable improvements in your overall wellness.  If you repeatedly find yourself in self-sabotaging patterns related to your health, physical or emotional, there is a good chance that first taking the time to clear the root cause will get you on the right track with more ease than trying to cognitively force yourself into change. 


Specifically, a few of the things RCT can help with include...

  • Improving sleep hygiene

  • Making better choices about what you consume: food, media, etc.

  • Becoming more consistent with exercise and daily movement

  • Communicating more clearly in personal or professional relationships

Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  


I'm a Wellness Coach with a bachelor's in Lifestyle Management and two decades of experience coaching individuals in the area of health and wellness.  I am excited to now be offering Root Cause Therapy as well.



Virtual Root Cause Therapy sessions to process undigested emotions related to trauma, stuck stress and/or other life events.

Time committment

60 minute sessions


Taster consultation is free, then see my bookings page for details.


Calm, alert, elastic, centered, organized, energized, cozy, comfortable, strong, empowered!

What Does a Session Look Like?

RCT Sessions are facilitated virtually.  The first session includes intake questions as well as questions about emotions & your general state of being over the past week.  We then use a simple standing sway test to get clarity around what beliefs you hold to be true for yourself.  The purpose of the sway test is to include your whole body not just your cognition in the process.  All of this so far is the discovery part of the session.  If time permits we will then move into the visualization and healing part of the session or begin this in session two which includes setting up your timeline and moving through your timeline to clear what comes up.  You are either seated or lying down with your eyes closed for this part, but you are fully conscious and able to communicate.  Clearing simply means staying present with the emotions and sensations that arise so they can be fully released, while remaining conscious and in a safe space.  This does not require you to explain any past events in detail or to share anything that you are not ready to process.  This is deep work and can sometimes create a healing hangover as the toxic stagnations continue to clear after the session.  I recommend no more than one session per week so you have time to process in between.  Subsequent sessions include a compressed version of the discovery part and more time dedicated to the visualization and healing part, normally clearing 1-3 emotions/beliefs per session.  3-12 sessions in total are a good starting place and then maintenance sessions as needed thereafter.  After you've completed your RCT sessions, is a perfect time to then transition into Wellness Coaching.

...Personally, Jill has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.

Larry, Clinical Psychologist

This consultation is simply designed for you to ask me a few questions if you need to clarify anything before booking a solo session, package, or group program. It is no...
Taster Consult
15 min

 In large part, any positive comments I may hear are because Jill inspired me to realize that health and fitness are important and life-long goals.  Her example and encouragement continue to sustain me, even though we are miles - and many time zones - apart.​​​​"

Kathleen, Higher Education Retiree

  • When does the course begin?
    Shortly after you complete your purchase you will receive your first email.
  • When do I get the workbook, MP3s and menu planners?"
    The workbook and menu planners are available for download at the time of purchase. The MP3s will available to you later in the course, at which point you can download for free as well.
  • What is your refund policy for this course?
    All sales are final on this course, thanks.
  • Who is this course best suited for?
    Anyone insterested in returning their focus to a grounded state of self-care.
  • What outcome can I expect from this course?
    Increased awareness of the way you manage stess, look after your food needs, and perceive movement.
This consultation is simply designed for you to ask me a few questions if you need to clarify anything before booking a solo session, package, or group program. It is no...
Taster Consult
15 min


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