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Wellness Coaching

Rehabilitation Coaching

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Are you ready to feel great in your body?

Rehabilitation Coaching is designed to help you on your recovery journey using an empathetic and collaborative approach.  Following the recommendations provided by your physio or occupational therapist, I work with you at your own pace drawing from my expertise as a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Pilates Instructor

Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  


I'm a Wellness Coach with a bachelor's in Lifestyle Management and two decades of experience coaching individuals in the area of health and wellness.


Watch me teaching a bit of movement...


Solo sessions hosted by me in-person.  I work with you at your own pace.

Time committment

Our session time of 60 minutes + anything you are working on related to our sessions.


Most sessions are ACC funded.


Calm, alert, elastic, centered, organized, energized, cozy, comfortable, strong, empowered!

...Personally, Jill has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.