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Create Clarity and Ease In Your Wellness Story

Heal Your Movement Story

Are you ready to feel at home in your body?

My Pilates-infused, movement videos are designed to help you do this.

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A library of Pilates-infused movement videos instructed by Jill Yeiter.

Time committment

Videos range between 5-30 minutes.




Feeling comfortable in your body.

Hi,  I'm Jill. 

I combine my passion for teaching with my expertise as a movement educator to help you feel more at home in your body.   I hope you enjoy my video library.


Jill Yeiter, BSc

Movement & Wellness Educator

"I was introduced to Pilates by Jill Yeiter several years ago, and I have diligently taken bi-weekly classes ever since.  Now that I am in my mid-60s, the benefits of Pilates on my abdominal core strength, balance, and flexibility are even more important to sustaining my overall good health.  I don't deny the effects of gravity on my aging body, but I also want to acknowledge the comments I've received from others about the good shape I'm in ("for a woman my age" is the implied, but often unspoken part, of this compliment).  In large part, any positive comments I may hear are because Jill inspired me to realize that health and fitness are important and life-long goals.  Her example and encouragement continue to sustain me, even though we are miles - and many time zones - apart.​​​​"

Kathleen, Higher Education Retiree


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