Create Clarity and Ease In Your Wellness Story

Heal Your Food Story Group Coaching

Are you ready to heal your food story?

Wear something comfy, grab a water bottle, snack, schoolbag, and your favorite pen...we are going on a learning adventure to explore your relationship with food, in these group coaching sessions designed to help you create clarity and ease in your food story.

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Jill Yeiter, Intuitive Eating

Hi,  I'm Jill.  


I'm an Intuitive Eating Counselor and personally facilitate these small group coaching sessions.




Jill Yeiter, BSc

Movement & Wellness Educator


10 one hour sessions, over ten weeks in a group of ten or less, hosted on Google Hangouts.

Time committment

1 hour a week for ten weeks + assigned reading.


$399 earlybird

$499 regular

+ $10 ebook


Calm, alert, elastic, centered, organized, energized, cozy, comfortable, strong, empowered!

Coaching Content

Session 1


-Hitting Diet Bottom

-Eating Styles

-Principles Overviewed

Session 2

Principles 1 & 2

-IE Scale

-Reject Diet Mentality

-Honor Your Hunger

Session 3

Principle 3

-Make Peace With Food

Session 4

Principle 4

-Challenge the Food Police



Session 5

Principles 5 & 6

-Feel Your Fullness

-Discover Satisfaction

Session 6

Principle 7

-Cope with Your Emotions Without Using Food

Session 7

Principles 8 & 9

-Respect Your Body


Session 8

Principle 10

-Gentle Nutrition

Session 9

Shared Experiences

-Review New Learning

Session 10

Review and Wrap-Up

-IE Scale

-Final Thoughts



When I first met Jill I was impressed with her kindness and willingness to listen. She holds a wealth of information related to physical, mental and emotional health that is well thought out and readily incorporated into providing non-judgmental guidance. She is both analytical and personable, with a sense of humor that she utilizes well. Personally, she has made a major difference in how I view my physical health, my body, eating and exercise. I am much healthier, fit, confident and self-accepting as a result of her interventions.

Larry, Clinical Psychologist

Jill's courses in Intuitive Eating provided a new and refreshing perspective to wellness, healthful eating, and mindfulness. She organized a supportive group and fostered trust within it. I benefited greatly from her professionalism and expertise. I have worked so hard to not have weight be my measure of feeling good about myself...all my rational thinking, about food and wellness and everything, are because of her help. As an educator of teachers, I also appreciated her natural teaching skills and the learning environments she created.                 

Louise, Teacher Education

It was fabulous working with Jill in both Intuitive Eating and Pilates.  I loved the context and direction in which she worked.  It felt like we started at the core (of spirit) and worked toward our outward layers.  Jill is the best.

K, Visual Arts Professor

Frequently asked questions

Who is this group best suited for?

Anyone wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body.

Is this a weight loss group?

No. Our focus and discussion is not centered around weight loss. It is centered around healing your relationship with food.

I don't have a gmail account, can I still participate?

Yes. No gmail is needed to participate in the video calls...just a device, internet, Chrome browser, and the link provided once you book and pay.

I can't attend this group but would like to in the future, will you be hosting another?

Yes. It is my plan to offer a group 3-4 times a year. I also offer solo coaching if that better suits your circumstances. You can find that on my bookings page.


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